i ii

that would be ink.

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If you guys haven’t had white hot chocolate idk what to tell you you’re missing out

mmmm art stuffff

i ordered some stuff from deleter, it all came today! they sent little mini sample pages of screen tone so that was a cool surprise!

so i’ve been thinking lately about maybe making a separate blog for my kpop fanart?

idk, keep it separate from my ph fanart and original characters and stuff, since it’s so different.

what do you guys think?

im so tired man but im gonna stay up and finish this

afhah idk i just thought it’d be kinda fun to recreate some ph manga panels…

i need to keep practicing so my art can be half as pretty as mochijuns.

Going out. First time I’ve been out since my birthday ahaha…

you don’t understand how much i love the addams family.

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