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I was so mesmerized by the GIFs of Taemin singing “Replay” that I felt an intense need to draw him. However, I felt drawing him at rest would do his beauty absolutely no justice, so I decided to try my hand at rotoscoping (animation that is traced from live action). I really enjoy the wavering edges and the imperfection of it… I think it looks pretty rad.

Original GIF by shawollet

Please Do Not Reupload! 

Oohhh my lands girl this is beautiful!!!!

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Allllmost done~

it’s beautifuuullll~ uwu

it isss *u* the colors are so soft and pretty and he’s just ugh gorgeous

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been trying to animate stuff tonight and it’s going pretty good!

tried animating a raven even though i don’t really know what a bird looks like when it spreads its wings.

Gonna use copic markers for this when I’m done lining… Hope it turns out okay ( ;´ ~`)

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It’s scary how big freaking ravens are

Also what’s the proper way to hold bird

Laughs bitterly I’m running out of room

I’m just thankful it only takes up one shelf and not 4 like my manga stuff ahah.